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What to expect with Video SEO

FLV: Video SEO
MP4: Video SEO

In the video above we explain some basics in Video SEO and what you should expect:

  • First: You Need a Video: It is important to note that Video SEO is not video production
  • Second: You want to place the video on a Video Blog Platform (wordpress can be used in this way).
  • Third: Create a sitemap of your videos – this is used so your video can be found in google, Yahoo, itunes, etc.
  • Fourth: Submit Your Video Sitemap to google webmaster tools. You will need to create an account their first and make sure to verify your account.
  • Fifth: Submit Your Video Directly to top video directories like YouTube, VEOH, Daily Motion, Rediff, Truveo & more.
  • Sixth: Results can be linking your video directly back to your site and or the other video sites.

Now, I know this is simplified information, however I wanted to get across the point of what are the Video SEO basics. I have talked to so many “VSEO” companies and they are mostly on track but it seems you have to go to about 3 different companies to get all the pieces of this marketing pie.

We have been working on these services for months and consulting with top video experts and even video production companies. To go into the exact science behind this and all the details involved I would have to create tons of posts on how to do video seo, etc. We do provide this service and as long as you have a video you have completed the hardest task! If you don’t have a video we can connect you with various production companies that will meet your budget needs and then we will take over from there to position your videos all over the internet.

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