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Online Video SEO and You

The time for video marketing is upon us. If you have created a video and thought the only way to for you video to show up in the search engines was by uploading it to youtube, well think again. You can now have your video found in google organice results with a link back to your site (Instead of linking back to YouTube). In fact, by using our processĀ  you can get double results by having the video on your own URL and by submitting to multiple video sites like YouTube, Break, Yahoo Videos, etc.


Professional Writing Services now offers VSEO services.

  • We will create and install a custom VSEO blog on a sub domain
  • Then we will upload your video(s) to the new blog and have a custom post written to compliment the video and get your keywords in there as well
  • Ping video servers like Google, Blinkx, etc.
  • Build Monthly Backlinks targeting your keywords and pointing to the video page (this helps not only to bring the video results in google, but it also helps your organic results over time)
  • Submit your video 20+ video sites

No company before has been able to offer all of these services at once. Check us out and see what Professional Writing Services can do for you.

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