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Video SEO starts with the production of a video and only grows from there. There are 3 Aspects to a video after it has been created to be true vSEO:

  1. The video should be placed on your own website via a video blog platform and coded to be included in Google’s video results.
  2. That video on your site should work on all platforms from Firefox to Safari and even work on Mobile Browsers.
    NOTE: If you have a video on your site that you added by using the embed code from YouTube, take a look at it on the iPhone and other mobile browsers and don’t be surprised to see it doesn’t display or play
  3. The video should be submitted to video sites that get video results in google. If you are not sure which ones work, just go to google click on the “videos” section and type in the video directory URL. For example you can go to google and search for DailyMotion.com. Look at the results and see if you can find the dailymotion.com url. If you do, then you know that video site is coded for video results in google.
    NOTE: Though there may be some high traffic sites for videos, the best are ones that get included in the major Search Engines including your own site.

Below watch the video that describes how this service works and what we offer:

FLV version: VSEO

MP4 version: VSEO

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